device link profile that curve creates

I wonder what kind of device link profile curve creates.

  1. It does not work in Photoshop CS6
  2. It does not work in basicolor ghost color server.
  3. It does not work in ColorthinPro3

Strange isn’t it, how to use it?

The manual for Curve3 spells this out rather thoroughly. Here is some of the DLP information on page 72 of the latest version of the Curve3 manual (second edition):

The Curve3 DLP should work just fine in Photoshop CS6. How were you attempting to use it?
As the manual says, it may not work in all RIPs.

Should work fine in ColorThink Pro also. Keep in mind that DLP’s are not like regular device profiles in many ways. Because of the nature of DLP’s there are a limited number of ways that DLP’s can be used in CTP. You might be trying to do something that a DLP cannot do. For example device link profiles have no “gamut” and therefore cannot be graphed. You can, however, see the result of a DLP in action.

Here’s more information on using Device Link profiles in the ColorThink Pro manual.

No the profile was made in curve2

The same is true for Curve2.