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well, a couple.

One - you could try building a device link with higher resolution in the tables. In my testing I found that the resolution of the tables in the link played a significant role in the accuracy of the link and its ability to mimic the conventional transform.

Two - you could check the link vs the conventional transform using ColorThink Pro.

  • Open a CMYK color file (there’s one in the stunt files folder) into the worksheet
  • apply the link to the file to generate the new CMYK
  • apply your destination profile to the end of this workflow to get correct Lab values for comparison. **
  • click ‘new’ in the workflow region and Pro will open the same CMYK file in a new workflow (same sheet) for comparison
  • open your source & destination profiles into this workflow
  • turn on delta-E and see if it shows any difference between them

**(Pro will use a SWOP profile to calculate the Lab values for the CMYK numbers as a default)

let us know what you find…



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In the 3rd step, when you “apply your destination profile…to get correct Lab values…” The Lab values would be derived from the AtoB tag of the destination profile, right?

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