devicelink color settings

I was reading the part of the ColorThink wiki that describes the settings for creating device link profiles. Unless I missed something, it seems that there is only one setting to preserve the clean K channel. Are there no other settings for things like pure 2 and 3 color builds, pure 2 and 3 color primaries, black generation, GCR, and ink saving?

What you see is correct. We didn’t set out to make an advanced Device Link creator. The basic option that most people would need is to preserve the K channel. But there are many other very good programs (Link-O-Lator, Alwan) that create device links with all the bells and whistles.

I suppose the idea is that you can drop a long series of transforms into the worksheet to model an existing workflow or to create something new, and we wanted to give you a way to capture that whole effect into a simple device link profile.

That said, we’re always open to new features that people want to see, so feel free to enter a feature request for what you’d like the program to do someday. (Web > Feature Requests)