Different color profiles on cloned monitors (Win7)


First of all, please excuse any further language mistakes, english is not my first language. Thank you!

Windows 7 Professional
Graphic card: Quadro 4000
Calibration software: X-Rite Monaco (monitor) Eye-One Match (projector)

I calibrated dual displays using third party programs. In fact one is a standard monitor and the other one is a projector connected to the computer. So I ended up with two differents ICC profiles, one for my monitor and the other one for my projector image.

These two are plugged in a dual head card (Quadro 4000).

I’m able to use my two different ICC color profiles while in an extented desktop mode using the Color Management settings in Win7 without a problem. I can desactivate these color profiles without a problem also. Both displays look great.

But I can’t do it in a cloned display mode (duplicate display). Even if I’m able to select two differents profiles for both of them in the color management settings. It seems that only one icc profile can be applied for both of them! Even when I tried to desactivate every color profile, nothing changed. One of my color profile is still be used by Windows even if my two color profiles are deleted in color management. Color management doesn’t seem to update anymore as soon as I am in a cloned desktop mode, whatever I do.

So the big question is: does someone know if there’s a way to apply TWO different color profiles on CLONED monitors in Windows 7? In my case I can’t use extended desktop and I really need to apply two different calibration profiles…

So far the only option that I see is to buy another graphic card, but it’s a big expense considering it will only be used to use my two color profiles at the same time.

Thank you so much for any information that can help me,


I’d say you should consider yourself lucky that you managed to get two completely different profiles working for 2 different screens in Win7. :smiley: I gave up on trying that years ago. :cry: :blush:

AFAIK there’s never been a way to enable to different profiles in Windows when using the cloning version of dual screens. Since all output is coming from the one, single LUT in the graphics card and then just simply displaying said output across 2 screens, this, to me anyway, indicates there shouldn’t possibly be any way to use seperate profiles for each screen as they are both being fed the exact, identical input RGB numbers, altered (read: corrected by the profile) for the screen who’s profile is working

I hope that’s somewhat correct and if not, sorry to lead you astray but I’d also love to know why this happens when cloning screens, if I’ve made a mistake in my exaplanation somewhere please let me know where and how to rectify such a problem… :blush: