difficulty accessing canned Epson profiles

I’m new to colorthink and was hoping to use it to analyse and compare Epson canned SR2400 profiles. (MacOSX) The profiles don’t show up automatically in Colorthink (they do in Colorsync utility) but I managed to track them down to a file SPR2400_W.profiles. I can open this and after the Colorthink error messages “Error in Color Data File. Unrecognizable data format or insufficient header information / this is an unknown filetype” they do load.
This seems a clumsy thing to have to do everytime I want to look at an Epson canned profile though?
There must be an easier way?

This does not sound like a profile. An actual ICC profile would have an ICC or ICM extension.

The canned profiles are pretty hard to locate though. Try this:
Go to Hard Drive > Library > Printers > Epson >
and find the plugin that represents your printer (for example an Epson 2400 would look like: “SP2400.plugin”)
Right-click the plugin for your printer, and choose Show Package Contents
Go to Contents > Resources > ICCProfiles

and THEN you get to the profiles!