Disabling Epson ColorManagement in MacOS 10.6

There’s been a significant change in the Epson driver for 10.6. Under “color Matching” in the print dialog, I only have the choice to choose colorsync or Epson color control. No option to pick “no color management.”

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Hi Will,

We have come across similar issues with Canon drivers recently. My guess is this same procedure will work in your situation. You would set ColorSync to use the “sRGB” profile as the default profile and then chose ColorSync in the driver. Full details are in one of our newsletters. Follow this link and look under “tech notes”: … 50114#tech

Hi Will,

Just ran into the same problem on my R2400 after upgrading to 10.6.

Solution: Download and install the latest driver from Epson. For the R2400 that is 6.57. The driver supplied by Apple is crippled…

You then have to go to the “Print Settings” not the “Color Settings” in the Print dialog. There you will find a Color settings entry that has "Off (No color management).


Thanks Louie, Patrick!

I downloaded the new driver from Epson for my Photo 2200 (v8.27) and “off” was in “Print Settings” after switching to “Epson Color Controls” in the “Color Matching” panel.

Now I can print out those color targets and profile my printer.

Thanks again,