DLP-I want to get this correct the first time!

Ok- I have the profile of my NexPress and I have my G7 profile. I want to link the 2 profiles
using ColorThink so the output from my NexPress matches my G7 output. Which profile do I use as the source, and which do I use as the destination? This always confuses me :confused:
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Hi Todd,

Regardless of whether or not you link the profiles or just choose them in a RIP, you want the “G7” profile first and the NexPress profile second.

To clarify it in your mind, think about the space that a file’s color is in and where it needs to go:

  • In your workflow you will (likely) have a CMYK file that has been separated into CMYK using your G7 profile.
  • The NexPress needs the file to be in “NexPressCMYK” to print the right color.
  • So the profile combination of G7->NexPress will convert the G7CMYK file into Lab (proofing it) and the NexPress color will reseparate into NexPress CMYK.

That’s assuming that I’m right about the “G7” profile, etc.

If not, let us know!



Steve you are correct, my G7 profile is a CMYK profile. Thank you for the clarification, this really helps!
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