Does this issue need to be remedied with a new monitor?

Hey folks,

Lately I’ve been seeing some weird things happening with my monitor, a 4 year old Samsung SyncMaster 957MB (CRT). The screen has been jumping slightly. It looks kind of like it is about to resize itself but only slightly. I also am noticing some faint gray lines running down the vertical length of the screen, sometimes.
Also, I’ve calibrated it with a Monaco Optix XR and I have to set the brightness to about 82/100. I mention this setting because I’ve heard that as monitors age they need more “oomph!” in the brightness department.
So do you folks think I need a new monitor or is the problem located somewhere other than the monitor? If you do think I need a new monitor which would you recommend if you had a limit of 700$? I’ve noticed the Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP and the NEC 2070NX. I will using the display for graphic work within apps like Photoshop and Painter so color fidelity is key.