Dot gain compensation color correction and G7 for newsprint

I came out of a coated offset house to a newspaper and have been having some issues implementing G7 on newsprint at my current employer. The current work flow is utilizing rip curves to both color correct and correct for dot gain on press THEN they profiled the press. The resulting profiles posterizes parts of images on proofs and when applying the profile in PhotoShop images lighten. I need to continue some of this behavior of color removal while bringing G7 gray on board. The issue is IDLCurve software corrects the gray balance on newsprint but the solid inks aren’t as dense as a coated press and increasing screens trying to correct grays results in muddy printing.
We have just installed Agfa Apogee and it has rip curves which have measured and wanted values and I can compensate there. How would you suggest we actually “improve” the printing in a similar way? I am mimicking their current rip “curve” from the old rip in our wanted values and I’ve created a new newsprint press profile but I would like to do G7 by the numbers while keeping the cleanliness of the printing. Did I mention they have 2 presses so they also need to mirror each other. Any ideas>???


No takers?

You can try free Tone Value Increase ( Dot Gain ) compensation calculator at
It calculates Dot Gain compensation curve by 20 Dot Area measurements.