Dot types..?

Is there anyone in this forum who happens to know enough about the “dot types” specified for the Roland FJ Pro II series printers to explain them to me?

I’ve printed low-res fill patterns using each one of the five dot types - using both fixed and variable dot settings - and all I’ve noticed is that two types (3 & 4) result in lower density than the other three.

I e-mailed Roland Rxpress for an explanation, but they don’t seem to know.

And, the folks who make my RIP don’t know either - they say that their software engineers included the feature merely because Roland provided the parameters for the five dot types.

I would really appreciate any insight someone can give me on this issue.


Ah ha… An answer has come in from California:

There are 5 different Piezo Driving Patterns to fire the dots depending on…

  1. Size of a dot

  2. Dot-Printing Method,

     Fixed sized dot or Variable sized dot.

Piezo Driving Patterns
Fixed Sized Dot

  1. Small Dot
  2. Middle Dot
  3. Large Dot

Variable Sized Dots

  1. Variable Sized Dots 1
  2. Variable Sized Dots 2