Edit ink limit in CMYK ICC profiles

I’d like to know how many possible ways - if any - are there to edit, or change, the total ink limit of a CMYK profile after it’s created but without the measurement data used to create it?

Are those kind of informations (TIL, Black Generation (GCR UCR), Black start, Black width and Max Black) stored in an ICC profile and how can I check them with ColorThink?

Thank you

Giuseppe Andretta

Sorry i’m a newbie. I had also a bugged version. Now i’ve installed Colorthink again and i’ve found the ‘statistics’ tab that’s missing before.

Anyway, now can i change the ink limit? Or the black start, i.e.?

Ah… good question.

No, there’s no way to just edit the TIL, black start, etc. in a profile. That sort of feature would have to involve re-making the whole profile structure - since all the look up tables, rendering intents, etc. would have to be re-built according to the new ink limits or other settings.

For that reason, what most people do if they can is to regenerate the profile using the measurement data again.

Many people don’t realize that some profile manufacturers embed the measurement data right in the profile. GretagMacbeth does this; Monaco Profiler does not. If you check your tag table in ColorThink, you might find a text file that contains the original measurements. ColorThink allows you to export the contents of that tag as a text file, and that will work just like your original measurement file. You can use it to generate a new profile, bring your measurements into the grapher, or use it in other programs.

ColorThink Pro even has a “open in worksheet” button so you can open this tag directly into the worksheet.