Eizo and Apple Cinema

We put on some new workstations and had recently bought some Eizo monitors for some older workstations. The Eizo’s got back ordered on us for the new workstations and I had some people waiting to start work. So I had them sub some Apple Cinema Monitors that could ship the same day.

Now I know the Apple Cinema Monitors go through a quality control program next to none but I believe I like the Eizo’s better. The Eizo’s have more manual controls which I believe get the calibration closer to the target than the Cinema’s

Any input???


Hi Mike

What size Apple Cinemas are you using? We have both Eizos (ColorEdge 21") and Apples (23") and universally the 23" apple monitors became totally unreliable over time. Initially they were great, but after about a year of use they started to develop vertical color “bands” so that some parts of the screen were pinker, some parts greener. Also, they sometime’s developed a yellowish “shadow” around the edges. Also, the guys in the color department were having to calibrate them on almost a daily basis becasue they could not hold a calibration.

Since many of these were under a year old, I returned them to Apple, and they did some sort of repair that temporarily fixed the problems, but within a couple months, the problems returned. I’ve read in forums that these types of problems are mainly limited to the 23" displays, and that the 20" and 30" behave much more reliably. I tried to get Apple to give me some sort of credit for the 23" monitors (we have 5), but they insisted I just keep sending them in for repair. Well, unless I buy Applecare for each one, that option no longer works after a year.

Anyway, we have switched over to Eizo’s universally for color critical work, and now my page assembly and proofing departments have some extremely fancy 23" monitors. The oldest Eizo we have is 2 years old now and it is consistant and reliable as the day we got it. However, perhaps Apple has fixed its vendor or assembly problems (or whatever it was doing wrong with its 23" monitors) and they are more reliable now. I’m not going to take the chance.

I am looking at this email on a Apple 20 inch Cinema monitor. I swear
it looks grainy. I have had the Eizo Flexoscan 19 inch on my desk for 30
days previously. I am going to pass the Cinema Display along with one
of the new Desktops. I wonder how Eizo was able to put the power
supply on board and the Apple I have this white box I have to deal with.

I bought the Flexoscan 19" for $700 flat and the Apple Cinema 20" for

I do like the USB, Firewire ports on the Apple monitor it makes my
workstation a lot cleaner I dont have to have a USB extension to
reach the back of the G5. And the single multi use cable leaving the
Apple monitor is kinda cool.

The Apple monitor is wider but the Eizo is taller. The Eizo you can spin the monitor 90 degrees on the stand for single page composition.

But I guess they are just two different monitors. And at this point I am going to replace the next 6 monitors with Eizo’s


I have been using the Apple 20", 23" and Eizo CG19. I believe the Eizo is the best monitor because of the adjustability of it. Also the Eizo seems to have a smoother contrast too it.