Eizo CG210 Calibration Dual Monitor Setup

I have a couple of recent issues with my Eizos. I recently hooked another CG210 to my computer in hopes that I could more easily compare images side by side, but after hooking up the new one and calibrating both of them to the same specifications the same image did not appear the same on both monitors.

I’ve been using the Color Navigator 5.1 software which seems to have a number of improvements over older versions, but I cannot seem to export the target that I create or the profile to another monitor so that I make the software match the two displays.

Suggestions are appreciated.


I’ll take a stab at this…

If the two CG-210’s are of differing age, assuming you are calibrating each to the same set of parameters (white point, gamma, luminance) and you want them to match each other…

One process you might consider is called multiple monitor luminance matching (some people refer to this as luminance synchronization). It requires you measure each monitors luminance, and then dumb down the better monitor to match the weaker monitors luminance.I believe? Color Navigator v5 has this luminance matching feature.

Or, a second approach might be to use the same reference profile to simulate on each monitor. For example, through soft-proofing in Photoshop, you could simulate the same printer profile (assuming the printer profile is good quality). The corrective aspects of this process should compensate for some of the monitors differences.

Just throwing out a couple of ideas.

Rick Hatmaker

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