Eizo CG222W + i1 + Windows 10

Since my computer updated to Windows 10, Eizo’s ColorNavigator software doesn’t detect my i1 device. When ColorNavigator starts and I select my profile (or another, or try and create a new one), there is no ‘Next’ button to begin profiling. The i1 is plugged into the computer and it is connected for sure as I hear the chime.

I have updated ColorNavigator, Eizo drivers and i1 drivers.

Any idea’s what I can do?


Hi Elizabeth,

If you have updated to a newer version of ColorNavigator, there may be some buttons that are different than what you were used to. With the latest version, you’d be looking for an “Adjust” button instead of a next button. Then a wizard opens up asking what measurement device you have, you click next, and you’re off to the races!