Eizo CG222W: One display, PC & Mac

The CG222W has two DVI inputs. I’d like one to connect to the Mac, and the other the PC, then switch on the fly and maintain calibration.

Is this possible?

I’ve been told that I can simply create the profile on one machine, then copy it over to the 2nd machine. This idea doesn’t quite sit right with me.

The Eizo is using internal LUTs so the video card curves should be flat in both machines. Are the graphics systems similar enough between Mac and PC such that I can use the same profile?

The second solution is to calibrate the display to the same parameters with ColorNavigator on each machine. Similar question comes up here – can I guarantee that the monitor will not change between the Mac and PC calibrations?

Seems to me that in order for any of this to be possible, the Eizo would need separate internal tables for each input. No?


You can connect both Mac and PC independently via the DVI-I ports of the CG222W and use switching at the monitor.

The only way to maintain calibration and therefore relevant profiles (as best as I know) is to use the first method you describe. Copy over the profile from one system to the other. You may need to change the extension of the profile (.icm or .icc).

Method two won’t work because the Eizo only has 1 video LUT on-board. Each time you calibrate it will change it to the most recent calibration. The LUT on each systems video card is still used, but more as a place-marker instead. The video card LUT is still essential, but not primary storage of teh calibration data.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Rick. I’ll give it a shot when I can jump on that system.