Email address exists in Maxwell.

I am trying to signup for a Maxwell account and continue to get the same message. “Email address exists in Maxwell.” I click the button for “Email user information” and nothing happens. To the best of my knowledge, I have never set up a Maxwell account. Help!

I think the email database includes all of the Chromix site. And we’ve been around for quite a while now - so if you’ve ever done anything with us, it’s likely that we have your email address in the system somewhere. (That’s supposed to make things easier not harder!)

If you’re on the Maxwell home page and you click the link for “Forgot Password”, and enter the email address you were trying to enter - then your username and password will be emailed to that address. Does that work?

Worked. Thanks.

Is there a way to change the password?

The password is not user-changeable at this time, but we can do it for you. Just contact me off list and we’ll change it to whatever you like.