Epson 7800 Profile Building

I am working on profiling an Epson 7800 with the ColorBurst 4.1 RIP, and having a really hard time. I worked though linearization, ink limiting, and profiling, and when I gott done I got a very accurate soft proof, by my hard proof came out yellow. the pure white areas are fine, but if you get to an area that is just a little grey, yellow comes out way to strong.

when I compare this profile to a canned one, I can see that my homemade profile is more accurate on the soft proof, but the canned profile is keeping the light greys clean of yellow. I can also see that the canned profile doesn’t offer the brighter colors that my homemade profile does.

I am working with an i1 pro, and eye-one match. Are others getting good results with eye-one match, I know that it is a fairly simple program, could it be that I just need better profiling software?

Appreciate any imput, Thanks,

I get mine profiled on ebay … dZViewItem

Only 10 a profile and a lot easier and quicker than doing them yourself, saves me a lot of time and money

ColorBurst comes with SpectralVisionPro which is likely to make better profiles than what you’ll get anywhere else except MonacoProfiler which SpectralVision is based upon. The current version now supports the EyeOne Pro for linearization and profiling. When used for both, you won’t see the yellow highlights that were due to a UV filter mismatch (UV filtered linearization and UV unfiltered profiling).

But perhaps I shouldn’t have even bothered to reply as it looks like thaiboxer is spamming to promote his remote profiling service.