Epson Stylus Pro4800 profile has a blue cast

I just recently purchased a Profile Maker bundle. I have created profiles for my HP130 with very little trouble.

I am using the same rip for the HP130 and the Epson 4800.
Using Profile Maker 5.0.8 I printed the Ec12002CMYKil_i0 chart and have measured the patches after letting them dry for a number of hours.

I have tried a number of variations for creating the printer profile for the epson but each time I get a bluish cast across the entire image.

I noticed that the test pages had a huge volume of ink, so is there any way to set the ink densities before you print the test pages and any ideas on why I am getting a blue cast?

Thanks for any and all assistance.

Here are some ideas and more questions:

  • Lots of ink in a profiling target is not necessarily a bad thing. But if it is to the point where the ink is puddling, or not drying, running off the page, that sort of thing - then you have too much. If you are using a RIP, then hopefully your RIP allows you to set ink limits; per channel and total ink limit. This, along with linearization should be taken care of before you attempt a profile in most cases.
  • Do you have the UV-cut i1Pro?
  • Is your “Correct for optical brightener” checkbox becoming active when you bring your measurement up in ProfileMaker? Do you know if your media has optical brighteners?
  • Are you on a Mac? (There are a few obscure bugs in the connections between Photoshop, Mac and Epson drivers.)

What is your viewing conditions lighting?
What viewing condition is your profile created for?