Epson UltraChrome K3

Is the Epson UltraChrome K3 ink set recognized by CHROMIX products? How do out of gamut PhotoShop tests know what ink set is being used? Is it via the profile selected in soft proofing?

Given Epson 7600 and Epson 4800 use the same matte black ink, the permanence is the same for un-tinted BW matte prints. Wilhelm Research footnote says not much change of color prints.

Many questions about how to utilize the new K3 set and advantages. My conclusion is gamut for color prints better, slight improvement over 7600 with ColorByte for matte black and white given K3, vast improvement for gloss, semi-gloss and luster. Hence K3 primarily for BW gloss, etc.

Nothing significant with permanence. Little in gamut. Downside in trying to find profiles for other fine art papers. Any help on where to find K3 profiles? K3 is the right move for gloss, but seems to offer only marginal improvement elsewhere. Am I correct?

Anyone trying to modify the Epson 7600 so it can utilize the K3 CcMmY colors and the present light black? Matte black cartridge in both ink set the same. It is a gold mine given the number of 7600 and 9600’s in the market.

I moved this topic to the Printer Calibration & Profiling forum, which was more appropriate.

All of this is based on the profile, which is based on spectral or colorimetric measurements. So software doesn’t recognize inks, it just recognizes the measurements, or gamuts derived from them.

Hope this helps.