Ergosoft Studioprint & Canon ImageProGraf 8100

Hi all Im a new member in this forum.
Does anyone has experienced with Ergosoft Studioprint & Canon ImageProGraf 8100 combination?
Im considering Ergosoft Studioprint because currently im using PiezoGraphy k7 in my epson 4800 and Studioprint is the only Rip Software that has full support to Piezography Ink.
Now i want to buy large format printer ImageProGraf 8100 or Epson 9880 for my color work. Canon seems to be my strong candidate for me since my job demand me to print both matte and glossy paper.
But i heard from someone…doing partitioning,ink limiting, Linearization, etc in Rip software with 12 ink system is not easy job to do and very complex task.
Any suggestion are welcome.

Sorry if my english is not very good.

Many Thanks,
Davi Arzika

The 8100 is fantastic and with some good profiles you’re likely to be quite happy with the Canon driver and or Photoshop Plug-in. I’d say start there and only move up to the RIP should you see the need to do so.
Scott Martin

Hi Scott, thanks for your advice. When you mentioned about “good Profile” are you mean the canned profile or the one that you create from scratch with profile making software. How about the BW neutrality and linearity comparing to epson x880?

After reviewing all of the profiling packages on the market carefully I’m a big fan of using Monaco Profiler for inkjet profiles. BW linearity can vary from one type of profile to another but is equal to Epson printers when profiled the same way. My Epson and Canon B&W prints made in color mode are nearly indistinguishable with these profiles that are made the same way. I couldn’t comment on the neutrality with the canned profiles. Of course the Advanced B&W modes on all three brands of printers does a nice job too but you will still see more density, contrast and neutrality shifting than if one was to print in full color mode with excellent profiles. So, it’s good to have choices and the ability of making top notch profiles.

Took me a while, about a year to get the hang of profiling in Onyx Productionhouse 7.2. I met Peter Supry from Ergosoft USA at the last Long beach Business graphics show. Went out to see their shop in NH, got to meet the crew there, seem to be really good folks. I am about to make the leap to Studioprint, as they claim that profiling in their software is much more straightforward and efficient than in Onyx. Also their software they claim uses less overhead and thusly will run faster on your machine. I have an older 3.0 ghz dual core xeon mac pro with 8 gigs of ram. It takes about 20 minutes to process an ICC profile after scanning. Anyhow if you want to know more, talk to Peter, he is the man.