Erratic behaviour reading Lin chart with ColorBurst 7.3

I am trying to create a new profile and have printed the lin target from ColorBurst. Reading the chart through SpectralVision is a hit and miss process. It will work maybe one in twenty times. It fails with an error message saying that there was an error reading the target.

I move the paper around on the io until it eventually works. Even then, it will wok once at a position but will not work a second time.

I can read a profile target without issue on the i1 io. Colorport can read the lin target without error on the same device.

I am using OS X 10.6.8 and CB 7.3.

  • The height adjustment for the IO is very tricky. If I were to try some different things, I’d concentrate on different heights for the IO arm.
  • Does SpectralVision allow the option of measuring patch-by-patch? (I know MeasureTool does.)
  • You could try printing a Lin target formatted for the handheld i1Pro and measure it by hand; see if that works better. That might get you through the linearization process.
  • Is this an older i1Pro? Rev A units measure much slower than later Revs and might throw errors like this.
  • Have you run your i1Pro through the i1Diagnostic software app from X-Rite? That can give you some idea of whether your device is still in good shape.

Thanks Pat. I will look at height adjustment but it will read anything else that I have tried, just not the Lin target.
I can measure by patch, so that may get me through, but what a pain!
It is a brand new i1 Pro UV purchased from your good selves a few weeks back. It does pass diagnostics as does the i1 io.

Hopefully, the CB folks will reply soon. I was hoping to build some new profiles over the weekend.