Error n01

I just purchased Color Think Pro and am running the beta 22. I am having an issue. When opening certain images (tiffs and jpgs) using File:Open, they either do nothing or I get an error that says to report Error n01. Other ons open just fine. Not sure what the issue is. Help!

I’m not sure what the issue is either. We haven’t had many problems with the latest betas. Are you on a brand-new operating system? Or a new version of a brand new operating system? It might be something we haven’t seen yet.

A while back we used to hear reports like yours when people tried to bring images into the grapher and had problems. In that case, the user needed to update the driver for their computer’s graphics card. ColorThink Pro makes use of the latest graphing technology, and an updated driver generally fixes things in the grapher.

Give me some more information about what kind of system you are on. You can also report problems and ask for new features in a form built into ColorThink. Look under Web > Feature Requests / Bug Reports. With the ColorThink form you can include files (like the images that are causing this issue with you.)