Evaluating Profile Proofing


I want to use the ColorSmarts Guide in ColorThink 3.03 to evaluate a printer profile. My profiling software is X-rite’s i1Profiler. I don’t believe that the profiles reveal the measurements. So, I resaved the measurement data that was used to create the profile in ProfileMaker Spectral CGATs format in order to enter it in the appropriate field in ColorSmart. But, I am lost as to what to enter in the “Reference” field. I would appreciate some advice as to what to enter in that field.


Hi Paul,

Good question. We are in the process of updating ColorThink to handle some of these newer data formats. In the meantime, when you want to get measurement / reference data from i1Profiler after the fact, you can do as you found:

  • Bring your profile back into i1Profiler (you can drag and drop the profile onto any location in the workflow, and it will re-populate that area.)
  • Save out the re-populated measurement file as a different format (like PM CGATS).

To answer your question specifically , you have a couple of options:

  • Most measurement files these days contain not only the measurements, but also the reference data as well. So your “measurement” data file you already have can also be dropped onto the reference box in the ColorSmarts Guide and it will extract the reference data automatically.
  • You can also drag and drop your profile onto the “testchart” area in i1Profiler. The reference information will be repopulated and you can save out the txt file from this location in the workflow. This will be a “reference” file like what you’re expecting with only device values inside.

Perfect. Thanks very much, Pat