Export tabular data from Maxwell

New Maxwell user here. How do I download tabular (CSV or similar) data from Maxwell. I’d like to pull data into MATLAB to run analyses on the data in ways that aren’t supported by the graphical interface.

John Reinert Nash

Welcome to the world of Maxwell, John!

In the Color Set Details pane, there will be an entry called Download under Related Items. If you dont see that then your username probably does not have the privileges to access that download link. We limit the downloading of files by default for security reasons.

Just let us know offline that you would like access to that and we can likely make it happen.

If you want to download a lot of files or do this on a regular basis, contact us about getting you an API, and your software team can create script to draw down your information.


Thank you for the reply. I don’t think I have that link, but I want to make sure I’m looking in the right place. What is the sequence of panes to get to the Color Set Details pane?

Also, I have inherited some python scripts that look like they use the API, so I will dig into those. I’m a MATLAB guy, not a Python guy, but I can probably call the latter from the former…