Extended Display Identification Data

My Ati graphics card has a feature “use Extended Display Identification Data” in the preferences for color. Do I enable or disable this feature when profiling my monitor. Monitor is a Westinghouse L2210NW. Thanks.

This is an educated guess, but it sounds like it might have something to do with whether your monitor is DDC-capable. The Display Data Channel or DDC is a digital connection between a computer display and a graphics adapter that allows the display to communicate its specifications to the adapter.

If your display AND your graphics card AND your profiling software are all DDC compatible, then the software can automatically set your white point, gamma, luminance etc. automatically. This makes things a little easier so you don’t have to adjust these things manually. I don’t believe your Westinghouse would have this feature, but it’s nice that your video card might have this capability in case you someday get a DDC monitor.

Anyway, you should disable this feature since it cannot be used.

Here’s wikipedia for more information: