Just starting to look at this so thought I would start with a post to see if some one could give me a short cut.

Since we are moving away from looking at densities on press and looking more at the color values themselves I was wondering if we could start using a eye one proof at press. We can measure patches and spot colors. But is there a program out there that we can use the eye one with a scan a press sheet color bar.

Can we capture density with a eye one. Or apply a mathematical formula to a lab color in a excel chart to transform measurements to density. I guess first I should find out if we can take eye one data to a spreadsheet like a ICColor

You can do pretty much everything you’re asking for with an i1 and Gretag MeasureTool.

You can scan the color bar and look at it in measure tool. You can save it as a text file for another program. But what I am after is a program that can give you a quick graphical look of the press sheet like a Xrite ATD.

You can poke around the measure tool and get lab values. But what program could I open the text file with. Saving and opening the text file in another program is already to slow the press has moved on.

Something that could give me a graphic of the press sheet as a whole.

Ah…you might try ColorMetrix then. ProofPass or PressRoom are likely what your asking for. I realize there’s a time lag for exporting data from MeasureTool and importing into Excel, but you could create a spreadsheet that gives you the data your looking for for basically no $$$.

Thanks it looks like the ColorMetrix PressRoom is the ticket will look at the two others later. This gives me the shortcut I was looking for


Mike I have a spctro eye - those that have loads of money may not agree - but I dont think they bounce very well !!!
I have printed sheets that we use and have agreed Densities that are in the Lab range and use Xrite densitometers on the presses
It may bge a bit basic - but it works