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Hello !

I had used Adobe RGB to visually calibrate my HP ev19w monitor - until yesterday … (The colors seemed to be OK and the whites were always very “clean” as I have only been working with monochrome images + have Adobe RGB as the workspace setting for Photoshop CS2)

I have a Mac edition Ati 9600 graphics card and am running on a Mac G5 Dual 2.0 with OSX Tiger 10.4.11.

I have now purchased a printer which was bundled with a HP Colorimeter (aka : Eye One Display 2) + I have downloaded + installed the latest driver.

I have had several attempts using the device to calibrate my monitor - I cannot seem to get “clean whites” they seem to have an off-white / yellowish cast ? …

I am “totally clueless as to why” ? I cannot seem to get clean whites on my “calibrated monitor”

Any kind advice and expertise would be most appreciated … as I am new to this and I must be doing something wrong …

Thank you in advance :smiley:


I also tried the calibration on my web PC monitor running XP.
I reset the monitor and then used the easy calibration option.

The color range is amazing and the whites are much cleaner now :bulb:
I guess that I should also try to reset my mac monitor and try the calibration again !!

Kind Regards

Hello !

Sorted :smiley:
By resetting the monitor + remembering to enter the all important target profile :blush: was a solution.

Kind Regards