Eye-One_iO Spot Color Calibration test: Fail

As I’m new to the forum please request any additional information as needed.

I have a Eye-One and an iO GretagMacbeth scanning table we have used in the past for making profiles for our two HPZ2100 inkjet printers. As it has been a while since I have needed to go through these steps again I decided to run the hardware calibration test that came with the GretagMacbeth software.

All tests passed except the last one which is the Spot calibration Test.
No… the i1 has not been re-calibrated recently but when placed on a white plate with actual glass white dot all test pass.

Does any one know what the Spot calibration Test is?

��General Information
Date and Time: 5/29/2013 9:53:00 AM
Application version: Version 2.4.1
Driver version: Version 3.3.1 Build 115
Driver version iO: Version 1.1.0 Build 92
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Device Information
Serial number Eye-One: 119828
Serial number iO: 11345
Move speed: 300
Scan speed: 160
Scan delay: 200
Last white transfer: Thu Jul 6 08:29:23 2006
Firmware version: 1.01
Electrostatic foil test: Pass
Move test: Pass
Position test: Pass
Home position test: Pass
Spot calibration test: Fail

*** FAIL ***


XRite support can help you better than I, but if I recall correctly, this has to do with the ability of the robot to target a destination then reach it within some tolerance.

i.e.: “I want to go to position x,y on the table” GO “did I reach x,y?” No.

Is the red light on the table surface on? Is it time for a new glider ring? What substrate (if any) is on the table when you perform the test?


I have emailed xrite but have not heard back from them. As this product is out of support contract not sure if they will reply with a suggestion. As the unit is 7 years old a new glider ring may be the answer but as it passed the Move, Position and Home test I figured the arm must be okay. I had an old profile adhered to the electrostatic mat with no problem, electrostatic foil test passed as well. Not sure if I’m suppose to put a specific target on there for it to pass some sort of spot color test or not. A Pitman rep set this up for me 7 years ago as I was busy in production I didn’t really get to watch him set this up.

If you think I can get an answer out of xrite without support contract I will continue to pursue this with them.

So close but so far…

The calibration of the measuring device on that IO white patch has always been a bit flakey. In normal use we sometimes get a message that it won’t calibrate, and other times it calibrates fine. This is apparently the same function that is being tested at the end of the Diagnostic run-through.

I ran our IO table through the same diagnostic and got the same fail that you did. The calibration tests all take place on the white tile patch. Interestingly in addition to the Spot calibration test there’s also a “Scan” calibration test. And then followed by a spot measurement test & a scan measurement test.

When I adjusted the level of the arm a little bit, brought it up slightly off the table bed, it passed all these tests in flying colors. That’s probably all you need to do. This is the same monkeying around we’ve always needed to do when we could not get it to calibrate in normal usage. There’s something about that white tile that is temperamental.

Other useful information:
Your firmware on your table is version 1.01. I doubt X-Rite’s updated the firmware very much for a long time, but I know there is at least a version 1.04.

There’s also a newer version of the i1Diagnostics than the one you’re using: version 2.5.1.

And what is super cool is that X-Rite has a version 4.0 i1Diagnostics that even covers the new i1Pro2. This is such a useful utility that it’s great to see they are continuing to support the new device with it. … areID=1261

(Version 4.0 of i1Diagnostic. Supports the i1Pro, the i1IO table, and even the new i1Pro2.)