Eye-One Match does, PMP does not recognize my Eye-One iO

I am struggling with Profile Maker Pro to recognize my Eye-One iO: When trying to select an instrument in MeasureTool, the dialog states unknown for iO. Eye-One Match, the Eye-On diagnostic tool and the iO firmware updates do recognize the iO.

In Windows device manager, Eye-One iO and eye-one are being detected and installed. The strange thing is however, I have to reinstall the eye-one driver each time after reboot: device-manager puts an exclamation mark on the device otherwise. After having done this driver-reinstall, the Eye-One and the Eye-One iO work flawless in Eye-One Match but not with Profile Maker.

What to do?

Reinstalling Profile Maker Pro does not help. Reinstalling the Eye-One driver obviously does not help either. And why do I have to reinstall the driver each time after booting? And is there a special iO driver at all?

Any help is greatly appreciated!