Eye One - No Joy - Printer Profiling

The Eye One software does not find either of my two printers that are conected via USB. The message: “Device not found. Check the connections and try again.” One printer is an Epson 2200 and the other is a Canon. Both printers show up in the Control Panel Printers and Faxes and the Properties list them in their respective “Virtual printer port for USB” ports. Both printers work fine with other software programs.

Does anyone know how I can get the Eye One software to recognize the printers?

This sounds like a problem somebody else had recently.

You must have the eyeOne plugged in for the profiling software to work - it acts as the ‘dongle’ for the software. So the ‘device’ being referred to is probably the eyeOne, not the printer.



The ‘somebody else’ was on the colour management forum -



It also happens to me with my EyeOne when I have Monaco Profiler running.

Likewise…here, if two applications are trying to communicate with the i1 at the same time, one of them (usually the last one launched) won’t be able to.