Eye One Printer Profiles

After a fussy USB start requiring the set up of a new user account…

What I discovered was that using the smaller number of color patches gave the best profile. That the 2 page mega printout produced a spiky profile.

Then I had a look at that Fuji Software… And a few photoshop plugins…

It seems to me that we need some software that could “Average Out” say 3+ read in profiles.

And where you could print out a page using say profile test_x and that corrections which are applied to profile test_x to give you test_x1.

And then to be able to interfere with these curves directly to get rid of bumps.

I couldn’t find a single tool that I thought achieved these objectives.

I think you guys should build something.

Or tell me what exists that I’ve missed?


Just to add a bit more to that…

I have found an Excel tool. A lot of what I’m talking about could me done as an export from ColotThink to Excel. Or VB Or Flash.

Perhaps you could start a little open souce project on this topic. We might be better educated in the process.

I’m sure you get the idea.


There is currently one open source profiler project that will create printer profiles - argyllcms. I am the maintainer of another open source profiler - LPROF. I have been the maintainer for about 2 months. LPROF currently produces scanner, camera and monitor profiles but does not create printer profiles. This is planned for a future release.

Where’s marty’s little cms gone to?
I see him at HP once and a while but wonder if he’s still at it with the open source CMS and profiler that he told me he was on about a year ago or two.