Eyeone Display2 on Windows 7.


Just tried to install my new Eyeone Display2 on Windows 7.

Installed & uninstalled the CD twice on my new PC.

Tried to download driver which incorporates Windows 7 off support section of website & it says start up software is corrupt, contact manufacturer. Phoned manufacturer which recorded message says contact place of purchase which is closed!!

I needed to order two albums tonight so paid for next day delivery for this software & cannot get it running.

I’ve uninstalled the USB using device manager about 10 times too. When you press update drive it says cannot verify digital signature? I think my computer has too much security as my album software kept saying integrity checked failed too?

Any ideas, really desperate???


Hi James,
You would need the latest version of i1Match from X-Rite. That is 3.6.2 - here’s a link: … wareID=724

This message that says the software is corrupt - that is a strange one. We don’t normally get that. All I could suggest is to download it again, and the next time should not be corrupted. Lots of people have been using this download since the introduction of Win 7 without any problems.

The reference to digital signature, etc. is a common warning that Microsoft presents to you with a lot of software installs. It’s common and not an issue to be concerned about as long as you are downloading your software from reputable sites. You should be able click okay and continue installing the software. This would have nothing to do with the corruption you mentioned above.