Favorites in plot list

In the plots list window there is a fly out that has one of the options as favorites. If I select one of the favorites such as sRGB no profile is added to the graph. Also is it possible to create my own favorites?

If you select one of the profiles in the favorites folder, it certainly should show up in the graph windows. A couple of quick ideas are:

  • Make sure you’re running the latest beta rather than version 3.0 (of ColorThink Pro). Download this from our website.
  • Update the driver for your video card
  • If neither of the above works, fill out a feedback item (Web > Feature requests / Bug reports) and we can generally give you an answer after getting that.

The ‘favorites’ folder you refer to is the “profiles” folder that resides in the same folder as the ColorThink application on Mac OS. You can add or remove profiles as you wish from this folder.

I’m on windows and I moved some of the profiles from the windows location to the folder under CTP and that fixed the problem. Should those have been installed originally?