Feature request: Handling Profile ID

I realize all new feature requests begin with a priority of -100. I’ll try to make the case for bumping this one into positive territory.

As of v3.0.3, ColorThink does not check if the Profile ID in the ICC header matches the md5 hash of the profile itself. The Profile ID allows a quick check that a profile is not corrupt or has not been inadvertently modified.

We see more cases than one might expect where a user of one of our profiles reports bizarre behavior when a profile is used. Many times the culprit is a corrupt profile. The cause can be a failed download, computer drive or filesystem problem, etc. We have had several instances where the photographer in question ran the profile through ColorThink and saw no errors reported. After some back-and-forth, we determined the problem was a profile that no longer matched the original.

Ideally, ColorThink should pop up a notification when the Profile ID does not match the profile contents. Perhaps Profile Medic should offer to recalculate the md5 hash. This could be useful for folks who have intentionally edited a profile.