Feature Request - target paper size

How about being able to print targets on 8x10, 5x7 and maybe even 4x6 paper? (Of course the smaller sizes would require more than one page.)

I just printed a couple of targets using 11x14 trimed to 8-1/2 x 11. I had 8x10 of the same paper, but the target doesn’t fit or print completely. So I had to trim…

But one problem I have is there’s some greeting card paper from Red River I’d like to try, but it doesn’t come in 8-1/2 x 11. Actually it does, but it’s scored for folding. So I’m not sure if that crease through the middle would be a problem. AND I don’t plan on using that size anyway, so I’d rather not buy a box just for 1 sheet (I know, cheapskate!). Being able to print a target using 5x7 paper would be perfect in this case.

Sounds like a great idea.
We occasionally have gotten profiling requests for smaller printer sizes (4x6; 5x7) with our regular ColorValet service. We would just supply them with a different target, formatted for that size.

We sometimes get a little nervous about spreading targets over multiple pages, because we never know if something happens in the middle that is beyond our control. However, as part of the Pro service, if anything does go wrong, it’s a simple matter of just printing it out again and we make a new profile.

I don’t think we’ve ever had a client program handle a multi-page target, so that might need some working out. But I don’t see any other glaring roadblocks. It would just take time for software development. (“JUST take time for development…?!” - I can just see Steve wincing over in his office.)

By the way, we have a function right in the ColorShuttle that allows anyone to submit feature requests like this. In the “ColorShuttle” section, there’s a link under Feedback & Support for Submit Feature Request / Bug Report. The nice thing about using that method is that your request goes into our tracking area where we can see it, and have to deal with it before it can be removed from the system. I will go ahead and submit this idea for you there.

Bringing things up in the forums here is also good. Other users get a chance to see what ideas we all have and can discuss them.