fine editing Rgb printer profile

Hi every one

i want to edit RGB printing profile

how to ?


You’ll need a profile editor, such as that offered in Monaco Profiler, GretagMacbeth ProfileMaker packages, or others…or perhaps the Kodak Colorflow plugin for Photoshop, which is getting a lot of attention lately. Other than that, it simply depends on what corrections you want and what tags you want to edit (device to PCS or PCS to device depending if you want to edit the softproof, the print or both.

Might be a good idea to take a look at the workflow to ensure there are no errors (unforseen conversions, poorly calibrated monitor, viewing conditions, ect) before editing profiles. IMO profile editing should be a last resort.


thanks for your help

1)`i have profilemaker 5.02

  1. I want to edit the softproof, the print and both.

  2. in the profile edit mode RGB----LAB , LAB-----RGB

to change the magenta curve (printing came red )
and in the ph cs proof it look deferent then the printing

so i need to edit softproof and printer


for the help


Actually, in ProfileEditor you can pick either tag to edit and when saving you have the option of applying the correction in both directions (as well as which rendering intent). If you want different corrections for for one tag over the other (different correx for softproof versus print), you’ll have to edit them separately, but if this is the case, you might want to revisit the workflow and look for errors. Of course, it can be hard to tell where the issues are, especially if your simulating another profile upon output (Source Space: Proof Setup out of Photoshop).

Hey Steve, here’s where your nifty Color Worksheets in ColorThink Pro would be pretty handy, eh?

I agree completely. On occasion I will do simple edits for customers, but I resist that strongly. When you poke a profile in one place, the effect isn’t just confined to that place. The analogy I use is putting down a carpet that’s too big for the room. You can stuff one corner down and make it look good, but another corner is going to pop up. Not that profile editing isn’t useful - it’s just that it can be a tricky business.