First time calibreting - what to do first ?

hello people

i just get my new i1 Display2
i own a Dell 2709w monitor

right now i am working with the Adobe RGB preset
and custom brightness and contrast

i wanted to ask you how should i adjust my display before i start the calibration, What would be the best to do ?

another question regarding my display maybe do you know how to check what revision is my monitor

thanks a lot

With your i1D2, you will be profiling using the i1Match software. To those used to a manual, or a PDF somewhere, it can be hard to find the help screens. Actually, the help menus are built into the software. As you walk through the steps of the display profiling wizard, the right side has help menus that give you more information concerning the step that you are currently in. So you can read through those in your i1Match software.

Usually, you don’t need to adjust your display before calibration. The software walks you through the process of adjusting your display as you go through it, and will reset the color on your video card when the time is appropriate.

Are you wanting to know what revision is your monitor profiling program - or what revision is your monitor?