FOGRA Certification... What Software...and how?

This is my first post…So, hi to all.

My problem is this, I am trying to certify some proofs using the FOGRA media wedge. I have applied the (FOGRA39) profile in the photoshop (CS4) dialog box. I have selected that photoshop handles the color management.

Printer Profile (SPR2400 PremSmgls BstPhoto)

Proof Setup: CoatedFogra39

And finally clicked active the Simulate paper colour on.

The Results are good.

However, when I scan the strip (using i1 and ProofSIGN Software) the scan fails. It always fails on the cyan and yellow.

I have been told the paper is incorrect. Im using Epson Semigloss Photo Paper. But the paper passes the test in the results chart!?

Any suggestions on Set up, paper and potential (cheap :slight_smile:) Software would be great!



Hi Glenn,

I don’t have personal experience with ProofSIGN, but as a method of trouble shooting where the problem is, you could try reading your wedge using MeasureTool, or ColorPort. Either of these should be able to be configured to read your target, so you can see if a different software works okay. That might help you isolate whether you are looking at a hardware or a software problem. And they’re both free!

Hi Patrick,

Thanks very much for the response…Much appreciated!

After Re-Re Calibrating the Printer. The software is now passing the strips, which is excellent news. It means we dont have to change our supply of paper, which is also fantastic.

I will look into those two pieces of software though…especially as they are free!

Thanks again,