G-7 and Curve 3 questions

Hi there, about 3 years ago we purchased Kodak ColorFlow and Curve 2 in order to calibrate our presses and our proofer (Epson 7900 connected to KPS).
Those in charge here are looking to go through it all again and therefore are weighing keeping things the same against changing stuff.

First question is, in the real world, what do I get with Curve 3 as opposed to Curve 2? Is it worth the cost? And while I am talking about that, I see a price for members and non-members; are those the only price differences? Meaning, is there no upgrade price from 2 to 3?

Secondly, they are weighing that against something different like Print Control and Rapid Check from Tucanna. Does anyone have any positive or negative feedback regarding that software instead of the above software?

Any feedback from anyone regarding any of this would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.


I can answer most of your questions.

Upgrading from Curve2 to Curve3 is $599 (MSRP is bought new is $1199). You will need to have your Curve2 username and serial code available to proceed. You can go to the main Curve3 area <>, or use this link to go directly to the upgrade process <>. If you prefer to speak to a person, you can buy direct from CHROMiX at (206) 985-6837 extension 1, or from one of our many Curve3 resellers.

Back to your first question, “what do I get with Curve3 as opposed to Curve2?”

Here are the main New Features of Curve3 (over Curve2) with a couple of brief explanations:

  • Smoothing
  • Special Inks
  • Spectral VPR
  • New Black Point Adjustment Options
  • Improved Error Reporting
  • User-Specified Starting Calibration
  • and more…

The Smoothing feature alone is worth upgrading to Curve3. Its a given fact that no printing device is ever perfect 100% of the time. Its behavior will exhibit variations and idiosyncrasies at times, which will then manifest itself in your measurements. Dealing with this variation will take additional time and expense to adjust or correct the problem. Smoothing is a proven method to clean up the errant data and yet keep consistent the natural and acceptable characteristics of your printer. Ultimately, the smoothing in Curve3 uses advanced technology and will make most everyones life easier regardless of the printer device, but especially for those that aren’t perfect.

Are you printing additional inks above and beyond CMYK and wished you could G7 (tone balance) these inks too? Now you can with Curve3’s new Special Ink Option.

The new Black Point adjustment options are targeted at those who have an ink jet or digital printer that doesn’t conform the the traditional characteristics of an offset press, which is most all of these device types, right?! Curve3 allows a greatly simplified method to gray balance and ink limit these non-traditional printers with one step.

For a more thorough description of the above new features, please see Steve Upton’s ColorNews article “Curve3 - The Evolution of G7 Calibration” in this last issue #50 at:


Below is a link to a YouTube video recording from a webinar for Curve3. Steve Upton hosts and Don Hutcheson does most of the presentation. It has been edited and is about an hour long.


I hope this helps!

Rick Hatmaker