G7 with M1 measurements

How do you make M1 P2P measurements that are compatible with Curve?

You could use an i1Pro 2 with i1Profiler. i1Profiler has a workflow called Measure Reference Chart. I believe there is a saved workflow already built-in for measuring a P2P target. This gives you a choice of measurement modes and you can choose the dual scan which will give you separate files for M0, M1, and M2. Save the measurement as a CGATS ProfileMaker text file, and the M1 version can be imported into Curve3.

Other scanning workflows in i1Profiler, like linearization measurement, dont seem to give you all the scanning modes, so youd have to use the Measure Reference Chart in order to do M1.

Of course, scanning densitometers like the Konica Minolta FD-7 or now the X-Rite eXact should be able to do the same M1 kind of measurement in their own respective software that drives them. I have not tested the scanning ability of the eXact yet, so I cant speak to that.

Is Curve2 compatible with M1 measurements? I’m getting decent numbers but strange looking graphs for gray balance, especially at white.

Curve2 is compatible with M1. From our testing we find M1 produces a greater reaction to optical brighteners than does the classic M0 - which of course people have been using for years. But the use of M1 by itself should not be the cause of a problem you are seeing.

Feel free to email your files to me, and we’ll take a look at them. Maybe something else is going on.