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We are talking about characterizing our presses to become certified to be a G7 master printer. I was wondering about the ISO 12647-2 ink LAB values. What is the tolerance for these CMYK inks and if you don’t use ISO certified inks, can you still be certified as a master G7 printer?. Our pressman like Van Son ink and don’t want to change.

The LAB values of these inks are close to ISO 12647, but how close do they have to be. I found a article that says the “variation” deltaE is a 5 on CMYK and a “fluctuation” deltaE is a 4. These seem pretty wide tolerances.

I was wondering the same thing. That tolerance seems too wide.

Also, is there a list of ISO certified inks out there or do I need to contact the ink vendors?


Some of us started asking for this list some time ago.And it appears that very few if any ink vendors are forth coming with that info.

So it seems, having a list of ISO certified inks would be too logical.
The way it stands end-users have a few choices.
One they can get the inks tested by a lab such as GATF.
Two they have to roll the inks up on their press and run tests to verify the inks set is balanced and that the ink can reach the ISO 12647-2 specs.

Having stated all of that, one ink vendor has stated that most all process inks today will hit the ISO 12647-2 specs.

Jim Rich

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Superior ink set Elite met the standard and specs required for the G7 profile. We had Ron Ellis a color specialist and certified G7 consultant that put us in the right direction of the G7 standard. We bought some software to assist in creating proper out put curves for CTP and have been happy. Hoping in 2007 to get certified in standard. Check Ron out at
He may be able to help. Very profesional and friendly