Graphics Cards

We have had some trouble with the demo software crashing when we go into the 2D and 3D graph modes. ColorThink support indicated that it was potentially the graphics card. We have updated our drivers (for the NVIDIA Quadro4 980 XGL), but continue to see the problem. Is there a list of supported graphics cards and driver versions?

We don’t have a list of supported cards, although I will say that we have not heard of any cards that do not work with ColorThink Pro.

Another thing to try would be to have the latest updates on your operating system. This sounds like an OpenGL problem. The OS manufactures will fix bugs in how they handle OpenGL graphics in their periodic updates. It is also possible that this is an issue particular to the demo version. Our ColorThink Pro demo is based on CTP 3.0 and we have made several stability fixes since then (freely available from our download page), but unfortunately have not put them into an updated demo yet.