Having problems correctly calibrating my Samsung 244T

I am having difficulties correctly calibrating my LCD display (Samsung 244T). I use a Huey Pro to do the calibration, but since it doesn’t calibrate brightness/contrast, it’s not a great solution.

My problem lies there, in brightness/contrast. When comparing work that I do on my monitor (I am a graphic designer) to others who use LaCie CRTs (very reliable colors) it’s always too bright compared to theirs. I will have a grayscale image with texture on it that I see very nicely on my monitor, but they will see pitch black.

When using other calibration methods like NVIDIA/Adobe Gamma I can never get the proper settings to match the proper grays/blacks it seems. It’s like my monitor does not have the proper black level/white point settings. I can play with the brightness/contrast settings all I want I just can’t get things right. I have tried using the Nvidia control panel to further adjust things, but it just makes them worse.

When i check online calibration methods like this: displaycalibration.com/brigh … trast.html I can put down the brightness to 0 and I still do not see the bottom gray/black bar properly, it just dulls out everything. Increasing the contrast to 100 doesn’t help either.

My question is, is there anything else I can try aside from buying a more complete calibrator? Is there a near fail-safe method to test my brightness/contrast? Is there any way to access more settings for my LCD display?

thanks for any help.

Well, it’s not often that we hear complains from people who are getting too much shadow detail. Congratulations!

If you are going to stick with the Huey, you will be limited in what you can do, but you do have options in the software. You might want to choose one of the high contrast settings they offer, like ‘graphic design and video editing.’

The following information is from a Pantone site:

By the way, it’s great to see a graphic designer take an interest in color management. We need more of you!