I have an old Mac Pro and LaCie monitor. I am now looking to upgrade, but would like feedback and suggestions. I am not a fan of big monitors I prefer monitors 20 inches to 24 inches. I have an Epson 3880 printer to print my fine art and used commercial printers for my illustrations.

Should I get Apple new iMac 21 inches Retina to go with EIZO CX241 or BenQ PG2401PT Pro 24?


MacBook Pro 15 inches Retina to go with EIZO CX241 or BenQ PG2401PT Pro 24?

I am not sure if the iMac or laptop will make any different with with Eizo or BenQ monitor.

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The Epson 3880 is still a great printer. I see no worries there unless the heads or lines are clogging or its printing is mis-aligned. Do you profile this on your media? You should. Youll usually get better print results and soft-proofing capabilities with a custom profile. We offer a service called ColorValet Pro for $179 that offers unlimited custom RGB print profiles for 1 printer for 18 months. This alone will most certainly improve results.

The Eizo ColorEdge CX241 is a great model for color critical viewing. But it still requires an external calibrator. The hardware calibration you mention only balances it between the external calibrations, keeping it stable longer. You can sometimes go 2-4 months without calibration with this balancing technology. But we still recommend a monthly (only) calibration for regularity and consistency.

For calibrators we most strongly recommend the X-Rite i1Display Pro for ~$249. Its the best device on the market under $500. And, its a ~5 year device which matches well with the Eizo.
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However the EX sensor from Eizo is good too for less money. It wont last as long though (maybe 3-4 years). Also, the EX is an off the shelf Spyder 5.

But you will need a calibrator in any case, unless you already have a current unit. I dont recommend a colorimeter that is over 4 years old. Its Phosphors degrade, the sensor and other components deteriorate as well.

The CX241 should work well with a Macbook Pro. Its easy to adapt the ThunderBolt port to DisplayPort. In fact the Eizo ships with all appropriate cables.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Still have not stated if iMac 21" retina or MacBook Pro Retina 15" are suitable to work with Eizo or BenQ? I cannot make a purchase unless I have feedback.


The iMac21 has two Thunderbolt ports. The MacBook Pro 15 has one Thunderbolt port. A mini-DisplayPort connection from either will support HDMI, DVI, and dual-link DVI to a video source.

Either Mac youre thinking about would support the Eizo or BenQ models with the right direct cable or adaptor. I believe the Eizo ships with all cable options these days. Not sure about the BenQ.

Does that help?

Hi Rick,

Yes, that does help.