Actually we want to print some landmarks like hexachrome, i have some doubts for example the better angles for each color, we going to use CMYK, Orange and Green, and use the rip Agfa ApogeeX 3.5 with a ctp Galileo VS, please somebody that can helps me.

Thank you.


I’ve been researching hexachrome lately, and i read somewhere that it’s better to go for FM or Hybrid screening to avoid moire, since choosing angles for 6 colors will get close and you risk getting moire in your prints. I am interested in knowing more about your experience with hexachrome and the process you have to go through to print with the technology. If you can post back on here or email me.

Hi, we was printing the book with hexachrome technology, the name of the book is ISTMO, and that book show us a lot of landmarks of central america, we couldn’t use FM screening because the pressman has worked only with AM screening and they were going to have problems with de Fo So etc, etc.

I configured the angles C:15 M:75 Y:90 K:45 O:15 G:75, honestly i don’t see moire.