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I’m trying to find a needle in a haystack.

I need a suggestion on a laptop PC within the midbudget segment that is known to have a bult in monitor that responds well to calibration (or just profiling based on an existing decent greyramp from bottom to the top).

Yes I know that the latest powerbooks from apple is doing well these days. But the newspaper co-operation (25 papers om more) is based on the PC today. I’m doing all the colormanagment in the colorflows all the way until it leaves RGB. I’ve done this for the last 15 years. Especially the monitorcalibrations…

I would like to know if anyone knows a hidden gem in laptop PC’s, when it comes to the screen. We’re very well aware of the fact the the viewangle is a nice little teaser on location… and we have some workarounds to tilt the screen and take control over the holes in that road;)… wellknown refrencepictures from the same situationspot …up in lowrez on the screen all the time during work… and blackpoint bullets for the bottom end of the ramp too. We managed to learn a lot to master it. Some photographer does much more on these than the FTP part. Some can do a really decent photoshopwork for direct delivery when time is short. Because we know our stuff.

Today we’re on the go to switch out most of the laps that we managed to pull into a decent state. The latest laptops on the market seeems to do a much better job than these 4 years old when calibrated. The view angel and shifts over the screen are still there, of course, but in a more easy to handle manner.

What would be interesting for us is if anyone here has found a stable behaviour in any PC lap model out there. So, that it would be easier to pick them than having to try and reject so many samples to find the golden ones… midsegment, as I said earlier.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


You might wanna try the new HP elitebook 8740W with the dreamcolor panel option (available next month i think). … 38087.html

Its probably the only workstation class laptop that’s equipped with a highend IPS panel with hardware support and LUT to control whitepoint.
It boasts of a 127% aRGB gamut and 10bit colordepth. … ifications

I’m currently using a top of the spec 8730W dreamcolor as my printing workstation and it literally blew every other laptop in the market away a year ago.

At 4:20 AM -0700 8/24/10, CG wrote:

I’m not directly suggesting that the Apple displays are the best or anything but…

Don’t forget that, if you did decide that they were, you can format & use the Apple machines as Windows machines if desired.

It seems like the machines you want would need IPS displays and, until that HP mentioned, I hadn’t heard of IPS in a laptop yet. I suppose power & cost work against putting them in a laptop.



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