How Can I View The Gamma Function?

Is there any function in ColorThink Pro 3 which allows the gamma gradient to be viewed? I’m thinking of a line graph which would have 0-255 as the X axis & 0-100% as the Y axis.

As an example, I’ve read the the gamma of sRGB is quite close to 2.2 but differs in the shadow tones. But as I have never seen a graph of where the differences are or even what the difference is, I’ve no idea how I can actually view the gamma function.

Is there any way I can extract the gamma function? Or what about profiles which have no simple gamma function like sRGB which ColorThink Pro 3 reports as being “1024 point curve” whereas AdobeRGB is “2.2 gamma curve” & ProPhoto is “1.8 gamma curve”. How can I see what values are assigned to the 1024 points in the sRGB curve?

Are you on a Mac? There is a simple app called “Gammas” that allows you to see the actual LUT on your graphics card. I don’t know of a similar program on the Windows side.

ColorThink does not give the LUT graph of a monitor profile. Different profiling packages give differing abilities to see what you’re asking. I know ColorEyes Display Pro allows you see the gammas that it is producing for the graphics card, and their Windows version would show this.

You’re right - the gamma of sRGB is similar to, but not entirely the same as 2.2. I’ll see if I can find a good illustration.

Unfortunately I’m on a PC. From what I’ve seen in the NEC MultiProfiler PDF 1.0.03 User Manual this app has exactly what I am looking for, it shows a graph of the chosen gamma & even has zoom capability. I doubt I could even run this app as I am using an Eizo CG242W & I know with ColorNavigator, if it doesn’t detect an Eizo screen the app won’t even load up. Might have to see if I can download MultiProfiler from the NEC website & check if it will run on my system without an NEC screen attached.

Is there even some way that I would be able to get input & output figures so that I could graph the results myself in Excel?

I’ve been trying to find a detailed graph/image of the sRGB gamma curve & specifically the area where it differs from gamma 2.2 but have not had any success (finding anything, let alone a detailed image). :imp: If you have something like this or the illustration you were speaking of I would be extremely greatful.

Yes, Multiprofiler will require an NEC monitor to be connected to your system in order to work.

Here’s an explanation of gamma and a look at different gamma curves: … l#Gammabox

And this is the best I can do at a graph showing the visible differences between sRGB and 2.2: