How close should I get?

How close can a proofer, in terms of Delta-E values, should I be able to get to my real print? The proofer is a Fuji Final Proof. Our printing process conforms to TR001 (SWOP) specifications.

Here’s the deal:

Our proofer vendor has used Gretag Macbeth Profile Maker to create a Device Linking Profile.

The proofer data was from a file we output and he presumably scanned or auto-read. (IT-8)

The print data was from a color list created by hand; Lab* data for 875 patches.

Also provided was the CMYK blend of each of those 875 patches.

What was returned to me was; a proofer profile, a printer profile, and a device link profile.

Proofs created using that device linking profile measure slightly closer to the print, but not nearly dead-on. (Closer than the previous set of curves in the proofer, which were created by hand years ago) I would estimate that around 2% of the vectors are under 6 DE, 48% are between 6 and 10 DE, the other 50% over 10 DE.

I expect much better results than this… am I being unreasonable?

I can attach profiles and color lists and whatnot if that will help.

Here I go, replying to my own message again…

I found, from a conversation with the creator of the DLP, that he used the relative colorimetric rendering intent when making the profile. Since the proof is made on a different stock than our print, the proof measures much different.

This particular proofer has the advangage of being able to laminate the proof on pretty much any flat surface that will fit in the laminator. I may try to laminate the proof to a disc to see how it measures.

In the meantime, he is creating a DLP using the absolute colorimetric rendering intent for comparison’s sake, and also to see how much closer it gets us.

Is there an echo in here?

Just an update for those interested;

A profile created with the Absolute Colorimetric rendering intent was much closer in most areas of our gamut. Pretty much everything above 50 L was within 3dE. The darker tones had gradually higher L* values as you move downward in L* value. (Darker tones got lighter)

I didn’t have an opportunity to laminate to a disc; the laminator itself uses rubber rollers of a fairly low durometer, and I am concerned about damaging them with my rather thick, in comparison, substrate.

I think the key is that it matches the international standsrd where u live - in the UK it would be ISO coated. If you are a printer u then have real confidence on the press - because that is what u match to