How do I transform White Point coordinates into Kelvins?

Hi, I finally figured out how to measure room ambient light with the new i1Profiler software. I get the Luminosity of the work area and I also get the color temperature of the light. The challenge is that it’s measures in ‘White Point Coordinate’ and not in Kelvin.

Does anyone have any resource or calculator that I can use (web based or on a mac) to transform these coordinates into color temperature measure in Kelvins?

For example: x: 0.341 and y: 0.368. What’s the Kelvin equivalent white point?

Thanks SO much. m.

Hello Mr. Martin,

The correlate color temperature is 5195 kelvin.

ColorConverter works on iPad. It is not free, but well worth the small investment. You can get more information here:

  [ ... 31312?mt=8](

Please contact me with any questions.


Mauro Boscarol

There’s also Bruce Lindbloom’s site. Not as convenient as an iPad app, but it’s an option.
Click the “Calc” button and choose the CIE Color Calculator.

I pluggedin your coordinates and got 5194.7 Kelvin

So Martin, tell us how you get the luminosity out of i1Profiler?

Sorry for my delay in answering. The notification somehow went into my junk email. I’ll buy the iPad app and for sure bookmark the website.