How often do you re-calibrate your monitors?

I have the Monaco Optix Pro calibration device. The software that it came with has a pop up window showing how many days it’s been since the last calibration.

Is there a typical number of days that one would use for re-calibraiton interval?


There are several ways to learn what the maintenance calibration cycle is for your monitor. Most of these are technical and require measurement and subsequent evaluation.

Some monitor calibration software products allow you to do a trend analysis. This is a good way to watch the rate of degradation of your monitor, and then adjust your calibration cycle to take advantage of the monitors shortening cycle (how fast it falls out of calibration tolerances). Monaco Optix XR Pro and ColorEyes Display have this feature.

ColorThink software from CHROMIX is also a very useful tool to evaluate your monitor. You can plot past profiles and then visually see differences over a period of time.

One easy way to determine your calibration cycle is to use the general industry rule of thumb, which says ‘Once a Month’.
However, there are two factors that you need to consider: Age and Grade.
As the monitor ages it increasingly degrades so you will need to increase the calibration cycle to twice a month, and then once a week, and so on. You need to keep pace with this degradation cycle if your calibration (andtherefore the profile) is to remain relevant.
Also, a commercial grade monitor has better components and tighter tolerances than a consumer grade monitor. A commercial grade monitor will bemore stable and consistent over time and therefore retain a more stable calibration cycle. For example, you only need to calibrate an Eizo CG-211 LCD once a month for several years, whereas, many consumer and prosumer brands need to step up the calibration cycle after the first year or even sooner.

So, in your case, your calibration cycle will depend on the grade and age of your monitor. But I would say, ‘Once a Month’ is a minimal requirement for calibration.

Hope that helps.

oRick Hatmaker, CHROMiX

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